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Testimonials For Dove Central From Our Customers


Below are few testimonials and photos from our good dove friends about the service that Dove Central gives.


Hi Mark,
My husband had built me a dovecote for our garden and after trawling through the 'bird sales' on the internet I realised that finding healthy and true garden fantail doves was not very easy.   I was relieved to find a safe and trustworthy website (Dove Central) that was knowledgable and could teach me about the birds, their welfare and needs. After a few e-mails back and forth, I was pleased that Mark said he had four squabs that were available in a short time when they were old enough to leave the nest. 
When they arrived, due to the excellent courier service and general health of the doves, they were seemingly unstressed by their travelling experience.  They settled very quickly, have been with us for 3 weeks now and we have really grown attached to them. They flock around when I take their breakfast (and a few sunflower hearts) and they have a few baths a week in which they stand all over each other in their eagerness to get into it. They are beautiful birds and a real asset to our garden/family.
I can't recommend Dove Central highly enough, thank you for all your advice in an otherwise book-less subject and for being patient with my questions/worries from time to time.
Ally Urquhart




Hello Mark,

A week today you came to Coventry and brought our four fantail doves, it was great to see you after our long telephone conversations.
Your help and assistant has been invaluable to myself and Mary as we are novices in the keeping of doves, we have appreciated it very much.

When I decided to make a Dovecote it was as a garden ornament only, then while browsing the internet I came across your web site which made fascinating reading, I was hooked.

The Dove Central site was excellent it has all the needs you require for keeping the doves and much more, and from the personal service you give, we can tell how passionate you are about every little detail and the doves themselves.

We know it is going to be a real pleasure watching them settle in and get used our cat and dog , even our neighbours have commented what lovely birds they are.
It gives me peace of mind also to know you are only at the of the phone for any queries I might have.
Many Thanks Ray and Mary (Coventry)





I was looking for a very special 60th Birthday present for my mum, as a family we decided to get her something she could look at all the time, love and have interactive contact with.... she had mentioned recently how much she loved Dovecotes so that's how I started on my quest to find the perfect one for her...
I started by looking on the net and after confusing myself somewhat I found an excellent and informative website, it actually made sense and was very well set out this site was "Dove Central", it was there I saw a fantastic Dovecote deal.. it was perfect... so I emailed and Mark came back to me straight away, giving me his mobile number to call to discuss this deal further.
From the moment I spoke to him he was so helpful and put my mind at rest, given we had never kept Dove's before... he made the whole experience run smoothly and arranged for the Dovecote to be delivered and a complete starter pack... he handpicked me 3 pairs of Doves, sent us photo's of them for our approval and he picked well they were gorgeous...
I could not have been happier when Mark personally arrived at our home in Kent to deliver the Dovecote and our new Doves, my mum was so pleased and now it is all set up she has a joy and a hobby which makes her smile everyday... Exactly what we set out to achieve...
We were so pleased with the service and help given, I would 100% + recommend you use "Dove central"... Go for it... they are absolutely amazing... I am still in contact with Mark as he is helping us get to know our Doves and how to look after them with true care and attention they deserve. What a service.... Brilliant!
Thank you so much. 

A very happy, pleased and satisfied, Nicole Bishop






This is my first time of keeping fantail doves and although I did not buy my doves from Dove Central.
I do buy all my dove food and any other items I require for my doves. Being a novice Marks advice and support as been invaluable.

Their service is excellent with next day delivery and nothing is to much trouble for them.

Many thanks Dove Central.



My son and his Granny decided that they would like some beautiful fan tailed Doves.
My son then researched how, what they needed and where to get them.

Toby is actually quite a shy 13 year old and I found him having a long conversation with the dove man named Mark!

Mark was fantastic on not only providing information on price the follow up care and providing the initial foods etc. He even spent his Saturday bringing them down from Durham to Sussex!

I can highly recommend Mark, he's provides a fantastic service and beautiful Doves
Go for they are so lovely.

L. Fox (Sussex)



As a newcomer to keeping doves, I approached Mark for some initial help and advice having found his web site on the internet.

Mark advised me on the construction of the dovecote, the homing period and supplied me with food, vitamins and of course a few very healthy doves. Mark has since stepped in to advise when I was presented with my first eggs.

A fantastic service that I would not hesitate to recommend to others








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