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Plastic Dummy Dove Eggs


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Product Information

1 x Pair of Plastic Dummy Dove Eggs


A pair of plastic realistic artificial dove eggs, look real, feel real, non-toxic, no paint, washable and no hidden bacteria. 


Carefully remove the real dove eggs out of the dove nest and replace them with the fake false plastic dove eggs.


The hen dove will sit on the fake plastic false dove eggs for approximately 21 days before she abandons the eggs.


She will start to lay another 2 eggs within 7-10 days, just repeat the process again if you do not want your garden fantail doves to breed at this time.


Product Code: DUMMYEGGS

Customer Reviews

Average Rating: 5

Eggs work a treat

The False Dummy Eggs work a treat THANKS AGAIN FOR ALL YOUR ADVICE.

Mandy Stores :: 28 Nov 2022, 08:23

Dummy Eggs

The best eggs there did there job or I would of had too many doves thanks for the advice always

David James :: 27 Sep 2022, 16:00

First Class Service

First Class Service ordered the dove whistle and the fake dove eggs Monday got them today Tuesday thanks will buy again from Dove Central.

Keith From London ::

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