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Pronafit Pro-Smoke Pellets


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Pronafit Pro-Smoke Pellets


Each Pronafit Pro-Smoke pellet exterminates parasites like mites, mosquitos and flies while also acting to clean out and disinfect the doves's respiratory tract and bronchi, removing irritants that could hamper their health.

Pronafit Pro-Smoke is a 100% compound of natural oils, medicinal herbs that removes parasites from the dovecote or dove house and also disinfects and cleans the airways of fantail Doves,

Eliminates fantail dove parasites: thrips, flies, mosquitoes, mites, moths,
Clean and disinfect the upper respiratory tract and bronchi.
Helps remove mucus from the airways
It is a 100% natural and very safe product.

Essential oils

Place a piece of Pro-Smoke on a tile or similar to avoid leaving marks on the floor of the dovecote.
Start with a match or lighter and hold the pill until it burns. Once you start to burn, the steam is generated (smoke) that covers the entire dovecote.
Wait until the tablet is consumed and not removed for at least 15 minutes after the fire is turned off.
1 tablet is sufficient to disinfect a 12 Pair Dovecote.

Pot of 3 tablets


Pronafit Pro-Smoke Pellets are essential for dovecotes and dove houses
Removes parasites & mucus, keeping airways clear
Contains three burnable pellets in just one pack
Composed of ingredients that are 100% natural
Straightforward to use & highly effective
3pk Pronafit Pro-Smoke Pellets | Bird Smoke Bombs Description
Made of essential oils and herbs for natural and effective treatment, these Pronafit Pro-Smoke Pellets keep your lofts clean and your fantail doves at the top of their game.




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